Friday, 1 February 2008

More diary entries

Ok, no hits, no emails, no reward. I'm upping the stakes. I've trimmed most of the personal stuff from the journal thing that's on the drive.... (I'm REALLY sorry for whoever's this is for reading this stuff....I've only skimmed it HONEST. But I figure a girl reading your personal research is a small price to pay for getting it back...). Anyway, I don't understand


"October 21st, 17:50

“Gnostism I’m trying to get my head round Gnosticism for an article I’m researching.

Thinking about The Matrix is helpful. (But thinking about The Matrix: Revolutions is not).

Gnosticism positions itself outside of theology and philosophy. It’s all down to a singular, individual mystic experience known as “gnosis” which is mostly inexpressible.

All religions traditions acknowledge the world is imperfect. But Gnosticism differs from all the rest because it places the blame not with us human beings, but with the flawed creator.

This is why the Gnostic position appeared blasphemous to Christians and why Gnostic-believers like the Knights Templar were burned at the stake and sects like The Weavers went into hiding.

Mi sento esiliato in mezzo aglu uomini“ - The self is an alien in a world vacated by the divine.

It just struck me that the word ‘agnosticism’ means ‘a-gnosticism’, the ‘absence of gnosis’ - the individual feels exiled among men.

Different historical periods who also required a different implementation of Gnosticism. During the Manichean and Cathar Gnostic movements, it was all about purity of conduct and integrity. In 2nd and 3rd century Alexandria, it was all about individualism. And today? In the age of saturation and ennui, maybe it’s all about tearing down the palace walls and setting fires to wake people up?"