Saturday, 29 March 2008

This Is Over

Last night, someone broke into my apartment..Lucky BF was around to patch up after a row...I was going to make a joke then but actually I'm really f**king scared now... Around 2am I woke hearing noises...I woke him...he didn't want to get out of bed...neither did I...we called the cops on the cell...they came quick...but it was a good half hour before they convinced us they were really the cops and we came out of the bedroom... front door had been forced...laptop gone...door man saw nothing ...cops reckoned whoever broke in came in with a bunch of party people who came in about 12ish...i am outa here...seriously, this blog, the apartment, maybe even this city...scary people who want to scare me off all this 2012 Weavers bullshit? you've done your job. I am scared and scared off - official...this is it...DONE

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Whom Of Destiny?

My new 'friend' Agent In The Mystery has been struggling with Amazon...I'm a library girl - all of sudden - but his story is a spook no doubt... he orders a pretty book on The Weavers... it doesn't arrive... he checks on Amazon...the book is gone...not just out-of-stock but it was never there ever...i got chills reading it...proper cat-licking-your-ear chills....

Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Weaver Code?

As ever these days, I just don't know what to think...The world is full of nuts and I seemed to have become one... I've started looking at back-button websites like this and stroking my chin as I actually read them ...I even went to the library yesteday! Pass the steak knife...this ol' girls fully flipped...

The Weaver Code is a book by a guy (NUT) who claims to have decoded hidden codes (NUT!) in cloths from the 12th century (DOUBLE NUT!). Yeah I know... Hahahaha...but...but...what he says is what Darius Lockwood was saying all along...urg

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Journal Entry Number 4 of 568

Okay I'm posting another portion of this dudes diary... Couple of reasons... One, no bites on the string, so I'm getting kinda bored and those lime green Aigle wellingtons I wanted buy with the reward money are starting to look looking REAL expensive... Two...I'm creeped out...there's something not quite right about this ... the more I try to get on top of it the more I'm getting sucked in ... it's worse than Crackbook. Three .. .reading these diaries - I actually kind of like the guy and I'm getting properly WORRIED about him... Here goes nothing, another piece of the pie. (if I still don't get any bites on this, I may upload the entire thing - is that wrong??)

November 10th 17:03

“Another article rejected today. FFS! Drew asked me if I had anything about video games! FFFFFFFS! It’s getting increasingly hard to pitch this stuff, despite all the research I’ve done. Even as a think-piece or a ‘what if’ or a 'hahah nutters' piece. Drew actually made me feel like a Schedule 1 fruit for even suggesting it. Actually he was close to fucking rude. I wrote a long reply but didn’t bother sending it in the end. What’s the point? No one buys the connection between the BotNet and The Weavers. Or even a theoretical sniff of one. No one is interested in a cards-on-the-table discussion about 2012. No one is interested in the patterns linking Bot emails.”

Friday, 7 March 2008

Another one bites the dust....

So I asked about the Weavers on yahoo Answers… It was there for a few days, it got a few answers and then without any notification it was deleted


turned into this....

errrrrr.... hello Mr Yahoo?... wtf ??

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Um…. now i'm getting paranoid

So I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any answers to my question about the thumb drive on Yahoo Answers… normally there are hundreds of responses to even the most dumbass questions…. so i went there and I found this

When I saw that I gotta admit I got a cold shiver…. so then I looked in my spam folder in my yahoo account and found this

You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your content has been deleted. Community Guidelines help to keep Yahoo! Answers a safe and useful community, so we appreciate your consideration of its rules.

which I think is kinda weird considering all I posted was the same thing I posted on squidoo and craigslist and everywhere else… its probably perfectly innocent of course its just that after all this talk of conspiracys and people going missing I am definitely starting to get a little paranoid………..i’ve had an idea though…I’m going to do a little experiemtn….watch this space…

Monday, 25 February 2008


Okay so this is now officially kinda exciting…. I got back from my mini-vacation yesterday and this email was waiting for me….

Dear Lisa

Thank you so much for getting in touch with this information.

From what you’ve posted on your blog, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the memory stick you found belongs to our man Darius Lockwood.

our man Darius Lockwood!... that’s so cute!!!! This guy may be a crazy but you can just hear his English accent even in an email.... I feel like I’m in a james Bond movie!!

I have been aware of Mr Lockwood for some time as he shares a fascination for many of the same topics and areas of study as I do. I understand from what you’ve written that you’re rather cynical about paranormal activity in general and particularly dismissive of UFOs and secret societies and so on, and that’s perfectly understandable – these things can be very difficult to get your head round


I shan’t bore you with the details of the Weavers. Suffice to say, they are a secret society with their roots in a 12th century religious sect in France, they are very real and very much active today. I don’t ask you to believe me necessarily, but do take a look at this post on my blog and have a little think...

He links here

It’s my contention that Darius Lockwood was getting a little too close to the Weavers. He was poking his nose in where it wasn’t wanted and, well, now he’s gone.

I’m going to do a little investigation of my own over here. I’d love to get my hands on that memory stick, but it’s certainly too important to mail and I would hope that you wouldn’t just mail it to some stranger from the internet anyway!

Damn straight…. not without my reward I wont.. ;)

If you could send me any further documents or images however, I’m sure they would help me in trying to get to the bottom of this. You mentioned that he was writing some kind of diary also? If you could see your way to letting me see some of this – particularly the most recent entries – I think there could be some serious clues there.

i’m not sure about this…. This is all v.private stuff...But I don’t really know what else to do… all I can really think of is trying to find out what happened to darius lockwood on my own and although I am starting to feel a little bit like Veronica Mars i'm nto sure my detective skills are quite there yet!…oh and theres this…

You might also think twice before posting any of this on your blog. After all, we don’t want you disappearing too!

Oops! Thought about it- posted it anyway…. sorry Mr Secret Patterns guy but this is blog gold!!!… I got my readers to think of now… hi Jenny!!!!... :))

So…. is this getting freaky or what?.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Making connections...

alright so I’ve written to the secret patterns guy to see if he can help me get a little bit closer to the reward that surely must be waiting for me at the end of all this.... i've been looking at his site some more though and he’s a little bit kooky to say the least.... I don’t think we’re going to have very much in common.. for example, I don’t believe in UFOs and I don’t belive in aliens and I don’t believe in mind control and I don’t believe in levitation and I don’t believe in the moth man and I definitely don’t belive that the government had anything to do with 9/11..... and while I’m making a list I don’t believe in Bible Codes, illuminati, secret societies, big foot, little green men or GIANT SHAPE SHIFTING LIZARD PEOPLE GETTING READY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!. but secret patterns guy seems to believe in all of this stuff...... he seems to believe in everything in fact.... anyway I’ve written him an email so we’ll see....... watch this space..

btw if you’re reading this Mr AgentInTheMystery, I’m sure you’re very nice and all its just that you are absolutely CRAZY AS A LOON!!!!! disrespect intended ;)

oh and apparently HTH stands for "hope this helps".. thanks Henry!... I do!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Secret patterns???

At last I’m definitely getting somewhere.. this morning I received an email from someone who saw my message on squidoo..

“You really can’t have searched very hard at all. FYI there’s a website called Google which helps you find things that you’re looking for on the worldwide web. For example if you type in the name “darius lockwood” it throws up all kinds of things:


Okay thanks for the internet lesson Henry ;)) ….not sure what HTH means though…Henry the Hero maybe?.... for your information I had actually already searched for Darius Lockwood I just hadn’t seen the other site that mentions him..... AND THE WEAVERS!!!!.... unfortunately he seems to be a total wackjob :( its a start though...

Friday, 15 February 2008

Eeeeewwwwww! Creep gets my hopes up. :((

I’m really cheesed off.. I just got this email it said:

"Hey, hi there, yep that baby is mine! Thanks you so much for hanging on it and putting it online! You were right. I went frantic this last months......"

He said he was Darius Lockwood and his email address was some Spanish guy’s name…. like I’m that retarded.. He wanted to know where we could meet…….eww I could barf…. Mostly because for a second there I thought I was onto something….my heart started thumping too!! BASTARD!!

Anyways....i had one last idea....i’m going to talk to the bloggers..but this really is the last shot because tomorrow I am outta here on a weeks holiday! :)))) and Darius Lockwood and his precious weavers can eat my dust.............

Just about ready to give up now. Dammit!

Okay so I’ve been making more of an effort to get the stick back to it’s rightful owner over past few days.....i’m guessing they’re probably pretty frantic by now!... I've put the detaisl on some other answers,, craigslist, squidoo, gumtree, digg .. I didn’t even know some of these places existed....and i also wrote to Gothamist and if nobody comes forward now as much as it sucks I think it might be time to forget about it..... :(

Friday, 8 February 2008

Weavers Pattern's another (of the many) weird images on the disk...I'm hoping this'll end up on Google images and from there CNN AND THE WORLD....Er, yeah, maybe. If you recognise this or can place it, or just know what colours are supposed to go in which square :)) let me know.

Friday, 1 February 2008

More diary entries

Ok, no hits, no emails, no reward. I'm upping the stakes. I've trimmed most of the personal stuff from the journal thing that's on the drive.... (I'm REALLY sorry for whoever's this is for reading this stuff....I've only skimmed it HONEST. But I figure a girl reading your personal research is a small price to pay for getting it back...). Anyway, I don't understand


"October 21st, 17:50

“Gnostism I’m trying to get my head round Gnosticism for an article I’m researching.

Thinking about The Matrix is helpful. (But thinking about The Matrix: Revolutions is not).

Gnosticism positions itself outside of theology and philosophy. It’s all down to a singular, individual mystic experience known as “gnosis” which is mostly inexpressible.

All religions traditions acknowledge the world is imperfect. But Gnosticism differs from all the rest because it places the blame not with us human beings, but with the flawed creator.

This is why the Gnostic position appeared blasphemous to Christians and why Gnostic-believers like the Knights Templar were burned at the stake and sects like The Weavers went into hiding.

Mi sento esiliato in mezzo aglu uomini“ - The self is an alien in a world vacated by the divine.

It just struck me that the word ‘agnosticism’ means ‘a-gnosticism’, the ‘absence of gnosis’ - the individual feels exiled among men.

Different historical periods who also required a different implementation of Gnosticism. During the Manichean and Cathar Gnostic movements, it was all about purity of conduct and integrity. In 2nd and 3rd century Alexandria, it was all about individualism. And today? In the age of saturation and ennui, maybe it’s all about tearing down the palace walls and setting fires to wake people up?"

Friday, 11 January 2008

Recognise any of this?

Okay I've had no replies bar creepy blokes so I'm posting some of the documents from the stick ... if your recognise or even understand WTF these are on about, let me know.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Diary Entry

I'm going to post an entry from the diary on the stick ... I'm feel a bit weirded out doing this but I figure anyone googling for this stuff is going to find it... Tell me I'm right SOMEBODY!!...A lot of the stuff on here is HUGELY personal ....

November 5th 07:51

"2012. The (large) rational, science-loving part of my brain finds it hard stroke impossible to believe that an ancient prophecy by a human-sacrificing, magic mushroom chewing civilisation had any relevance today. But so much is scheduled to happen in 2012 that you no longer have to be some Acid-Fried Mystic Burnout (AFMB) to believe it. Peak oil production. Solar flares. Pole reversal. Astronomically, the Earth is aligned facing the centre of the Milky Way for the first time in 186,000 years in December 21st 2012. It’s weird. It’s like there’s a big black hole sucking all these events together. But, I was thinking today, could we be making it happen? Is that how prophecy works. It’s not like a prediction but instead a prophecy is a story broadcast into the future so that others can make it happen. All this 2012 stuff, all this Weavers stuff, apocalypse - it does almost seems stage managed. And if it doesn’t happen, according to the prophecy, maybe somebody will step in and make it happen? Yeah now I do sound like an Acid-Fried Mystic Burnout. Bed."

Does this even make any sense to you????

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Do you know Darius Lockwood?

Do you know this guy, someone called Darius Lockwood, whos a journalist? I think this stick belongs to him. He's got a site here but it hasn't been updated for at least a month...and all the links are dead... I've emailed him. But if you know him, or where he works etc mail me.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

What's on the stick???

I've had a nose around :) there's a lot of stuff on here ..... docs and photos mainly...I've not read it...I BELIEVE in long as its not my bf's computer ;) Most of it seems to be about 'The Weavers' which I'm guessing aren't the influential folk quartet based in Greenwich village.... thankyou Google!... there are no contacts, emails, numbers..... so if any of this is familiar to you, mail me...

some writer's diary... seems quite personal
a lot of scanned docs... handwritten, diagrams, notes - mostly about these Weavers
folder of images ... mix of stuff - might post a few
loads of docs ... in folders called '! Articles', '! Research', '! Weavers' - ring a bell???
no home made porn :(( ... I looked

i may post some of this stuff when I've got time....

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Lost A Thumb?

On the 31st December around nine at night, I found a Purple Kingstone USB thumb drive on the New York subway on the Flushing Line between Rawson and Bliss.. It was in a brown envelope with one word 'WEAVERS' written on it....Sorry I was in a rush, it was New Years! so I couldn't hand it in.... I'm going to post a few things from the stick here so someone can find it. If it's yours email me at Ooo I feel like a bit of a detective.. And if you feel like giving me a $$$$$$ reward, I won't complain!